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I am in love with crystals. This is all I can say, but have a lot more to show instead.


DSC_7596__DSC_7566 DSC_7567__ DSC_7570 DSC_7572 DSC_7573_ DSC_7578 DSC_7579  DSC_7599_DSC_7597__DSC_7583 DSC_7584 DSC_7585 DSC_7587 DSC_7589 DSC_7591 DSC_7592    DSC_7580


DSC_7653 DSC_7657 DSC_7658 DSC_7659 DSC_7662 DSC_7663 DSC_7665

Pink Aventurine:

DSC_7671 DSC_7650DSC_7673 DSC_7676 DSC_7679 DSC_7680


DSC_7694 DSC_7697

These beauties are available for purchase here:

Have a beautiful day!



I just love experimenting in and of itself. I love trying new things, especially when we talk about art and creating in general. Like a friend/colleague of mine said several years ago- When you do something, suddenly you think: “What will happen if … , and you just do it to see!” And even though it was in the context of architectural projects, it is valid for almost every creative project I undertake. So there was this pretty “logical” thought while I was researching other jewelry designers- “What will happen if I add some metal wire details to my jewelry pieces?” Then bought some copper and aluminium wires (and just a meter of sterling silver as a sample) and started experimenting- first with some beads and stones I found, and then garnished some polymer clay pieces I had previously made.

My first wire ring, a variation of a tutorial I found on YouTube, silver platted copper wire and agate:


After some more wrapping (well, a lot more:)):





Copper platted aluminium wire and agate resulted in a butterfly (I don’t know what it is with me and butterflies lately…)


Then followed…

Silver platted copper wire and polymer clay:



Then time for the sterling silver wire and the entirely handmade pair:Image


And the last piece for this post is my favorite one for now:


On the hand of its new owner, fits just perfect:)Image

Have a great day and don’t stop experimenting, the nicest surprise may be just around the corner!