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For the last months I haven’t done a lot of new funky flames. Instead I focused on other projects, but one of them is still very closely connected to creativity. This time, however, it is not an expression of my own creativity, but it is something intended to help others create beautiful things – my Little Funky Tools Sets. These are micro cutters sets of a number of specially selected and modified little tips in three different shapes – circles, ovals and teardrops. The different sizes of each shape are color-coded and easily provide great help for cutting and shaping small details and holes, texturing, dosing color recipes and more when working with different kinds of clay.




They are available in combined sets, too:






By now, I have received some wonderful feedback, and my most favorite kind of feedback is the pictures of things created with the Little Funky Tools! Thank you Artumei Artumei




You can also purchase one of the sets here: and as always I provide free worldwide shipping, too.

Have a gorgeous inspired day everyone! May the creativity be with you!


I just love experimenting in and of itself. I love trying new things, especially when we talk about art and creating in general. Like a friend/colleague of mine said several years ago- When you do something, suddenly you think: “What will happen if … , and you just do it to see!” And even though it was in the context of architectural projects, it is valid for almost every creative project I undertake. So there was this pretty “logical” thought while I was researching other jewelry designers- “What will happen if I add some metal wire details to my jewelry pieces?” Then bought some copper and aluminium wires (and just a meter of sterling silver as a sample) and started experimenting- first with some beads and stones I found, and then garnished some polymer clay pieces I had previously made.

My first wire ring, a variation of a tutorial I found on YouTube, silver platted copper wire and agate:


After some more wrapping (well, a lot more:)):





Copper platted aluminium wire and agate resulted in a butterfly (I don’t know what it is with me and butterflies lately…)


Then followed…

Silver platted copper wire and polymer clay:



Then time for the sterling silver wire and the entirely handmade pair:Image


And the last piece for this post is my favorite one for now:


On the hand of its new owner, fits just perfect:)Image

Have a great day and don’t stop experimenting, the nicest surprise may be just around the corner!