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Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is dedicated to a cane, that is very eye-catchy and actually pretty easy to make. It is based on the Bull’s eye, but instead of using only one single cane, this time they are put together to form a flower pattern. The geometry stays the same, but by changing the color combinations the final results have completely different moods. You can also see clearly the progress I made to more precise and clear shape forming, color mixing and surface treating.

The first variation is minimalistic, only with white ( Fimo Soft) and translucent (Fimo Accents) polymer clay. It looks gentle and detailed and is easy to match with other pieces of jewelry and clothing.


You can leave the cylindrical shape after cutting the cane, or you can continue further and give it a little twist and make a spiral. I personally love the spirals- they look amazing regardless of the point of view can be used as an accent of the outfit. However the simple circle has its own beauty and works perfect with casual outfits.



The second cane is made with the opposite color concept. The petals of the flower are with gradient from dark green to white and are outlined with black, and the background is in grass green. For me they bring the association of a light fresh wind in the forest and match wonderfully to green eyes:)




For the third cane I experimented with red and clear translucent and tried to make a gradient with them for the petals. I also made everything too small and suppose the red outlines polluted to an extend the translucent core and there is no visible gradient in the final result. However, I still like the the red tinted petals, but for sure need to do some more experimenting with the different types translucent clay.Image



I still cannot get rid of the flakes in the translucent clay. But the defect turned into frosty effect and I am pleased with how these turned out. I practically put all left-overs from the cane together in a sheet and cut circles out of it:




Positively I am getting better with sanding and buffing, but the round pieces needed something else to give them a finished look, so I made these little wire swirls (the first pair is only with sterling silver, while the swirls for the last one are from copper with silver coating and the hooks are ready made sterling silver). I liked the behavior of the wires and the combination with polymer clay, so I am definitely continue exploring the theme.

If you like the above shown pieces you can use this link to purchase most of them: Thank you for the support!

Have a fun and inspired week!



I love dragonflies. I love flying things in general:)

So I couldn’t resist and try make several interpretations. I made up the pattern, I actually don’t think such flying creatures are found in nature. Still, I really like how they turned out. A bit dark and a bit fairy-like:)

All of them are made to be brooches, although they can be worn as pendants. I found it easier to make a little ball of clay to wrap the brooch base and separately to assemble the dragonfly/ butterfly itself. Then I put together the two parts and blended the clay on the back. This lessens the damages on the shape when you what your metal parts embedded in the clay, which is important, especially if you use Fimo Soft like me.

The very first dragonfly came to reality from scraps left from other project I was making. But I really liked the pattern and decided to see what would come out if I just put those pieces as wings on a black long body.

Обичам водни кончета. Обичам летящи неща по принцип:)

Затова не можах да се въздържа и опитах няколко интерпретации. Измислих си шарката и всъщност мисля няма такива летящи същества като моито в природата. Все пак, харесват ми както се получиха. Леко тъмни и леко приказни:)

Всичките ги направих на брошки, въпреки че могат да се носят и като медальони. Открих, че е по-лесно да подложа предварително малко топче глина на металната основа за брошка и отделно да сглобя водното конче/ пеперудата, като ги събера двете в последствие. Така по-лесно се запазва формата,особено с Fimo Soft, когато искате металните части да са си сградени в бижуто.

Съвсем първото ми водно конче направих от остатъците от друг проект. Но понеже много ми допадна шарката, решх да пробвам какво ще излезе ако просто наредя парченцата като крилца на черно тяло.


Be careful if you sand similar fragile shapes- one of the wings broke and had to glue it. I applied semi-gloss finishing afterwards, which added some extra strength, but could not entirely mask the glue. If you look hard enough (or may be not so hard), you will notice the thin crack. You can also notice that the surface is mate, as I didn’t go all they way to the finest grit sanding paper, but stopped at 600.

Внимавайте ако шкурите подобни крехки форми- едно от крилцата ми се отчупи и трябваше да го лепя. Завърших с полу-матов лак, който добави малко допълнителна якост, но все пак си личи лепеното място. Ако се вгледате внимателно (или може би не чак толкова внимателно), ще забележите тънката линия лепило. Ще забележите също и матовата повърхност, тъй като спрях с шкурките до едрина 600, а не стигнах до най-фината.



The second time- I chose black for the bodies, Millefiori Cane technique (you can see another application of the same technique here-  for the wings and some random scrap mixture tor the heads. I used several reference images of real butterflies and dragonflies- the pattern may be surreal, but the shape and proportions should resemble reality:) This time the cane was all for dragonflies.

Втория път избрах черно за тялото,  Millefiori Cane за крилата (повече за тази техника има тук: – и разни случайни смесени топчета за главичките. Използвах няколко снимки на истински водни кончета и пеперуди за рефенции и въпреки сюрреалистичните окраски, формите и пропорциите трябва да се доближават до реалността:) Този път цялото саламче стана на водни кончета:






From this cane came out some beautiful cane ends, but their pattern and shape were not for a dragonfly, so the first butterfly was born.

Това саламче имаше много красиви крайчета, които обаче не бяха подходящи за водни кончета, затова първата пеперуда се роди.


Then followed the cane, meant to become a flock of butterflies.

Последва саламчето, на което му беше писано да се превърне в цяло ято пеперуди.


I tried to make the same pattern as the previous time, because I really liked, and there were several people who wanted the same, but it didn’t turned out this way. The light end of the gradient was with translucent clay, instead of white, and I suppose I darkened it during conditioning and placing and now it looks grey. However, they are again charming:

Опитах се да го направя същия дизайн като предния, защото и аз го харесвах, и други хора искаха такива, но не ми се получи съвсем. Светлият край на градиента го направих с прозрачна вместо с бяла глина и предполагам я замърсих в процеса на работа, та потъмня и сега сивее. Въпреки това за чаровни:


IMAG1047 - Copy




IMAG1055 - Copy

This time I used black for the head, as well as the body. I also tried to make the eyes light grey-blue with translucent clay, but it didn’t work out. That is way I painted them with acrylic paints. Originally all butterflies had cord tentacles but most of them fell of during sanding again:(.

I still have to find a proper way to have both smooth surface and tiny elements the way I like- it would be best if I didn’t have to sand, but surface processed this way is a lot nicer, silky smooth and shiny. It adds a lot of additional hours of work on a piece, but it looks gorgeous afterwards. Now that I think about it, sanding deserves its own separate post, so soon I will be writing one on the topic.

One butterfly is still looking for a home, if you like you can purchase it here:

Have a full of fun week!

Този път и тялото и главичките са черни. Пробвах да направя очички от сиво-синя полу-прозрачна глина, но не се виждаха добре, затова ги донарисувах с акрилни боички. Първоначално пеперудите имаха и пипалца от корда, но изпадаха повече при шкуренето, отново:(.

Все още търся начин да постигна едновременно гладка повърхност и малки елементи, така както на мен ми харесва. Най-добре би било да не трябва да шкуря и полирам, но изшкурена и полирана повърхност е много по-приятна, копринено гладка и бляскава. Добавя също и много часове работа върху дадено произведение, но пък след това е прекрасно. Сега като се замисля, шкуренето си иска отделен пост, така че скоро ще трябва да го напиша.

Пожелавам ви забавна седмица!