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For the last months I haven’t done a lot of new funky flames. Instead I focused on other projects, but one of them is still very closely connected to creativity. This time, however, it is not an expression of my own creativity, but it is something intended to help others create beautiful things – my Little Funky Tools Sets. These are micro cutters sets of a number of specially selected and modified little tips in three different shapes – circles, ovals and teardrops. The different sizes of each shape are color-coded and easily provide great help for cutting and shaping small details and holes, texturing, dosing color recipes and more when working with different kinds of clay.




They are available in combined sets, too:






By now, I have received some wonderful feedback, and my most favorite kind of feedback is the pictures of things created with the Little Funky Tools! Thank you Artumei Artumei




You can also purchase one of the sets here: and as always I provide free worldwide shipping, too.

Have a gorgeous inspired day everyone! May the creativity be with you!


2014-10-12 16.41.43

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Have a fun weekend!


Hey! This year the winter was a bit late in my country, give or take two months, but it is finally here to bring me some winter inspiration!

My polymer clay creations from this season can be seen here:

If you want to support my talent and encourage my work you can purchase here:

I also provide free shipping worldwide! Don’t miss to order if you like something- they are all unique pieces, never to be repeated!

Have a beautiful and inspirational day!Image


After purchasing polymer clay I have been researching different techniques of processing it. My favorite one so far? The Millefiori Cane. One can make really detailed and complicated patterns and still the pieces are strong enough for every day jewelry. It also gives the option to make several different variations in size and form of the final pieces.

The idea is that you make your cane by putting together long pieces of clay together (cylinders, prisms, etc). You shape your pattern by playing with the size of these pieces and the order you put them.

In this case I used  gradient from white to blue for the base of the flower. I put teal and blue stamens in the very center and white accents at the tips. For the background of the cane I chose semi-translucent polymer clay.

След като се сдобих с полимерна глина, започнах да разучвам различни техники за работа с нея. Любимата ми до момента? Millefiori Cane- грубо казано “саламче с цветя”. Дава възможност за наистина детайлни и сложни дизайни, като все пак нещата са достатъчно здрави за ежедневни бижута. Може да си играете и с размерите и формата на финалните произведения.

Идеята е да се получи саламче като се редят дълги парчета глина (цилиндри, призми). Шарката се образува от играта с размерите и реда, в който ги подреждате.

В този случай използвах градиент от бяло до синьо за основа на цветето. В центъра му има тъмно и светло сини тичинки, а по ръбчетата се появяват бели акценти. Фонът е от полу-прозрачна глина.







Once you have the cane ready and cut you can leave the pieces as they are, give them some more complicated shape or combine them in different manners. Then – cure, sand, buff, polish, garnish. Although you can skip the sanding and buffing, I really like the silky smooth result of it. You can get rid of any finger prints or flaws in the very shape of the piece, and provides a beautiful finished look to your jewelry.

След като получите саламчето, може да го нарежете и да оставите парченцата кръгли, да им придадете друга форма, или да ги комбинирате по различни начини. След това- печете, шкурите, полирате, лакирате, доукрасявате. Въпреки че можете да пропуснете шкуренето и полирането, аз лично харесвам повече компринено гладката повърхност след тях. Така се премахват отпечатъци от пръсти или дефекти по самата форма и повърхността на бижуто изглежда наистина довършена.







With the left-overs I did this:

С остатъците направих това:




It was great fun and I am really pleased with the results:) Moreover, my first sell (apart from friends) was one of the above pairs of earrings!

Have a great week!

Беше ми много приятно и крайните резултати ми харесват много много:) Още повече, първата ми продажба (не на приятел) беше един от горните чифтове обици!

Пожелавам ви супер седмица!


Recently I came in contact with polymer clay and it came out to be really fun! And I suppose it was my all time fondness of jewelry that became the reason to try making some. I have been into design all my life, but in a whole different way. So this will be the place to follow my progress particularly with jewelry (but not only), how making it influences me and hopefully make more people at least smile:)

Have a great day!

Наскоро се докоснах до полимерна глина и се оказа наистина забавна. И така или иначе обичам бижутата, реших да пробвам да направя няколко. Цял живот се занимавам с дизайн, но под различна форма. Затова, това е мястото, където може да проследите прогреса ми конкретно с бижутата (и не само) и, да се надяваме, място, което да накара повече хора поне да се усмихнат:)

Пожелавам ви страхотен ден!